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Natural Medicine

Shelby Heinzer is a Certified Professional Herbalist through the East West School of Planetary Herbology, created and maintained by esteemed herbalists and founders of the American Herbalist's Guild, Michael OMD, RH and Leslie Tierra L.AC, RH. She completed a three year clinical apprenticeship under Susan Kramer Ph.D, RH (AHG). Her education and clinical work have focused on a unique blend of Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Eclectic (Western) herbal traditions with special regards to evidence-based plant therapy. 


Shelby maintains a private clinical practice and full apothecary focused on the custom formulation of herbal therapies using an individualized approach that aims at integrating the safe use of herbs alongside diet, lifestyle and simultaneous 
conventional pharmaceutical therapies. In accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, she believes in treating the person, not the disease and strives to meet clients wherever they are at in their health journey.


Clients may book an initial consultation with Shelby where both parties go over the details and characteristics of their health concerns. This usually lasts 45-90 minutes by phone or in person. After this consultation, Shelby creates an individualized strategy to assist the client in reaching their health goals through customized herbal formulations, diet recommendations, and lifestyle suggestions based in Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Eclectic Western Herbal traditions. Clients then receive their herbs (usually a 3-6 week supply) and any further instructions need to incorporate the herbs and recommendations. Follow-up appointments last 30 minutes or less and may not always be necessary depending on the specifics of their health goals. Sometimes clients need slight adjustments to a formula, want to work on other health concerns that arise or would like to continue taking herbs according to a seasonal preventative wellness program. 

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