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Natural Medicine
Chronic muscle pains, stomach pains & eczema

Shelby is an incredibly kind and compassionate person who will do her best to help you overcome the issues you are facing. I tried many tactics before coming to Shelby, some of which helped and most of which didn't. After many doctors not being able to solve the issues, working with Shelby has been a welcome breath of fresh air. She really listens to you and takes in all of your medical history and symptoms without judgement. I must admit that I wasn't sure anything would work but was willing to try her herbs out because I figured if it didn't work then at least I could know that I tried. I was shocked to see what a significant change occurred just within one week of taking the tincture she made for me! It has now been six months since I started my treatment with her and I am continuing to see significant improvements. So much of what I used to experience simply doesn't happen anymore. My digestion has really improved, including having much more regular bowel movements. In fact, I haven't had a single stomach ache since I started my treatments, which is impressive because I used to get stomach aches all the time! An added bonus is that the acne and keratosis pilaris on my skin has cleared up, which I wasn't expecting but am glad it is! My muscle soreness and fatigue has gone down, my circulation is better, and I can actually feel that the overall inflammation in my body has reduced tremendously. Shelby is incredibly competent and skilled. She works with you to add in a routine that makes sense for you. I would highly recommend talking with her about what you are experiencing and seeing what she can do to help. Based on the great results I am already experiencing, I look forward to continuing to work with Shelby and continue to heal. Thanks Shelby! 

— Client, Environmental Scientist

Chronic pain, herniated discs, radiculopathy & impaired limb function

Living with chronic low back pain for over a decade and failing most options offered by traditional medicine including opiates, I came across Rolfing treatment which was very helpful initially until I had another herniated lumbar disc causing significant leg weakness and severe radicular which point I came across Shelby's practice of TCM while I was offered a low back surgery by the traditional doctors. I decided to postpone the surgery to try the TCM and PT/Rolfing route and could not be happier with the fact that most of my leg function recovered and the pain has become manageble without any medications. I attribute this recovery mostly to the true healing with Shelby's herbal supplements, which were awful tasting initially :( but later converted to tinctures, and were much better tolerated thereafter :). I would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with chronic pain problems.

— Client, Orthopedic Doctor

Mental health & traumatic injury recovery

I came to Shelby Heinzer suffering from physical, emotional, and cognitive injuries I had sustained in a car crash. As much as it was difficult to ask for help, Shelby made it very easy for me to talk about my suffering, and she asked really astute questions throughout every interview we have had. She took very detailed notes and was careful to make sure she understood me perfectly.


Then the amazing thing happened: she was able to identify herbs and formulate concoctions that addressed specific complaints I had - nerve pain, anxiety, spasmodic cough, etc. - and give me tinctures and blends in short order. These medicines had clear directions for use, and, more importantly, immediate efficacy. I noticed an impact on my mental and physical health straight away, and in the time since, Shelby has been my guide in changing the concoctions and tinctures in order to promote continually improving well-being.


Shelby’s main gifts are her congenial yet grounded personality, her ability to make associations between conditions (like my concussion), symptoms, and recovery, and to anticipate when a change in the herbal regiment is warranted. She really knows her stuff, and while it’s one thing that I have been improving, it means a lot to me that I also feel supported and validated on my healing path.

— Client, Teacher

Allodynia, endometriosis & anxiety

Having been in chronic pain my whole life, I have explored many types of healing practices. Although some western medicine can be helpful, a holistic approach always seems to create the best results. Shelby is a great resource for that type of healing. She focuses on the whole system as opposed to suppressing the symptom. I have a fairly wide range of complaints and she is always able to organize and prioritize her approaches to help me achieve the exact outcome I’m looking for. It’s a pleasure to be able to bring up a symptom and then feel it actually change in the following weeks. Taking the herbs and concoctions is easy when you can tell your system improves while on them. Shelby is easy to contact and a great communicator, overall a great option for any healing needs!

— Client, Artist

Inflammation, Energy & Mood

Over the course of a few months, Shelby was able to help me to dramatically lower my inflammation markers (high blood CRP levels) and to significantly boost my energy and mood.  Shelby has an easy, confident way about her. She listens carefully to details and finds effective solutions through herbal tinctures that she blends custom to fit what your body needs.  Her comprehensive training covers western, ayurvedic and eastern herbs which gives her a lot to draw on for an effective solution. Shelby is also well versed in non herbal supplementation to assist with better health. I am grateful for Shelby's ability as a healer and highly recommend her.

— Client, Data and Technology

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