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Albizia: An Herb for Emotional Constraint

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

This is such a lovely herb that I find myself restocking it constantly. The Chinese translation of this herb is “happiness bark”. I reach for this herb when someone is feeling a little emotionally stuck and needs a nudge in the right direction. This herb (along with all herbs to brighten the mood and ease anxiety) is especially valuable during this time.

I often pair albizia with rose, another lovely herb to nourish the Heart and keep emotions flowing smoothly. This herb can be mild, so the traditional dosage is quite high at 9-15 grams. I use the bark but the flowers can be used as well.

Albizia julibrissin is also referred to as mimosa, silk tree, or he huan pi. In TCM terms albizia calms the spirit (or Shen) and relieves constraint. It is indicated for depression, PTSD, bad temper, insomnia, irritability, and poor memory due to emotional constraint.

Keep in mind, to address more significant or longstanding emotional issues (depression, PTSD, etc.) this herb usually needs to be used as a part of a larger and stronger formula. As always, not every herb is right for everyone or when taking certain medications. If you need more specific help reach out to a qualified herbalist. References: Bensky, Dan, et al. Chinese Herbal Medicine, Materia Medica. 3rd ed., Eastland Press, 2015. Tierra, Lesley. Healing with the Herbs of Life. Crossing, 2003. Tierra, Michael, and Lesley Tierra. East West Herb Course Materia Medica. 6th ed., vol. 1, 1981.

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